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Family Owned & Operated by Giuseppe (Joe) Di Maggio

Sal’s passion for pizza making began while working for his father, Joe in Lawrenceville, Illinois in 1972.  

As a young man Sal DiMaggio worked in his father Giuseppe’s kitchen. His father taught him how to cook using recipes from their homeland of Sicily.

In 1978 Sal married his wonderful wife Maria and had 5 kids.  After the passing of his father, Sal took his family to Sicily, Italy.  He continued his love for pizza by opening up a shop in the “old country” for 8 years before returning to the States in 2003.

Sal dreamed of owning his own restaurant and these dreams led him and his wife, Maria, to Highland, IL where they opened DiMaggio’s Pizza and Pasta. Sal taught his son, Joe, to cook using the same recipes his father taught him.

Joe has worked diligently the past 10 years, alongside his father, mastering the family recipes. He has followed in his father’s footsteps and his dreams have become reality. He is now the proud owner of DiMaggio’s Pizza and Pasta. With the support of his wife, Valarie, and 2 children, Madalena and Salvatore, Joe looks forward to serving this community for decades to come.

The menu ranges from fine pasta dishes, delicious pizzas and mouth-watering desserts. Everyday customers will see Joe preparing their meal in the kitchen at DiMaggio’s Pizza and Pasta.


Photos from our time in Sicily

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